Green Smoothies are one of the tastiest and easiest ways to have your greens.

In her Internationally award winning book, ‘Green for Life’, Mrs. Victoria Butenko says, “With the high oxygen content in chlorophyll and the high mineral content in green plants, greens are the most alkalizing food that exists on our planet. By including green smoothies in our diet, we can keep our bodies alkaline and healthy.”

Other benefits of green smoothies which have been observed by people around the world:

  • Promotes natural weight loss and gain

  • Increases consumption of nutrition available in fruits and greens

  • Easily digested and better nutrients assimilation.

  • Clearer skin due to high content of bio available water

  • Improved mental clarity and focus

  • Greater energy levels

  • Abundant of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients

  • Reduce cravings of junk and highly processed foods.

  • Increased performance and concentration

  • Healthy meal replacement for kids and adults

 Easy Sweet Green Smoothie:


3-4 ripe pealed bananas cut into pieces

Handful of organic green leaves

4-5 dates (Optional)

Some water or coconut water to blend.


Blend all ingredients together, serve well and enjoy this creamy delight.

Blending ideas:

  • Add desired quantity of green leaves to your home blender towards the blade and blend with some water to make a smooth paste.
  • Now add the fruits and blend again. Add water to achieve the desired consistency and blend well again.
  • By blending in this way, the greens have a chance to get blended well and the nutrition in them is available much more easily for our system to absorb.

Indian Greens we use regularly:


Baby Spinach, Sarson, Methi (fenugreek), Bathua (Pigweed), Lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, Kale, Lola Rosa, Moringa or any other locally available edible greens. India has a great variety of local bhajis and saag which can used easily for making delicious green smoothies.

Here is a List of Worldwide Green Leafy Vegetables for your reference


-Blend only those fruits and greens together which would taste well.

-Change your green preferably everyday (please refer to Green for Life by Victoria Butenko)

-Always serve a well garnished smoothie. We love it as our morning or anytime meal.

-Always chew your green smoothie even it is liquified, to help it digest even better.

-Some greens may have higher content of oxalates. So take time to learn about this more.

– While making your smoothies, always start with more fruits and lesser greens. As you start loving it’s flavours, slowing increase your quantity of greens in the same recipe.

-Greens like mint, basil, oregano etc are herbs and must be used in much smaller quantities. The purpose of Green Smoothies is to consume Green Leafy Vegetables in a delicious way.

– Please do not mix any nuts, seeds and vegetables to these recipes for better digestion.

Other delicious basic fruit combinations to create as fruit smoothies or Green Smoothies:










Mango- Papaya

Mango- Banana-Papaya

Orange- Apple

List with quantity of fruits

4 big bananas- 2 apples

4 big bananas- 1 small papaya

4 big banana- 2 big mangos

3 apples – 3 pears

3 apple- 1 small Pineapple

4 big bananas – 4 chikoos

1 medium sweet papaya- 5 to 10 strawberries

3 Apples – 1 medium pineapple

3 big mangos – 1 small papaya

4 big mangos – 1 small pineapple

2 big mangos – 3 big bananas – 1 small papaya

Fresh squeezed juice of 10 oranges or mausambies

Fresh squeezed juice of 10 oranges – 2 apples

Fresh squeezed juice of 10 oranges – 5 strawberry

Our Favourite Indian Green Smoothies list:

1 Apples + 2 Pears + 3 Big Bananas

+ 2 Leaves of Carrots + Handful of Spinach

3 Apples + 1 Pineapple + Handful Baby Spinach

4 Big Bananas + 1 Apple + Handful Fenugreek leaves

4 Big Bananas + 3 Chikoos + 100 grams Red Amaranth leaves

4 Big Bananas + 1 medium Papaya + 100 grams Green Amaranth leaves

3 Big Bananas + 1 Big Mango + 250 grams Coriander

2 Big Mangoes + 1 small Papaya + 20 grams fresh Moringa leaves + some lettuce of choice

Fresh squeezed Orange juice from 10 Oranges + 2 Apples + Handful Baby Spinach + 2 leaves of Fresh Basil

Fresh squeezed Orange juice from 10 Oranges + 5  Strawberries + 200gm any salad Leaf

1 Medium Papaya + 2 Big Bananas + 5 Strawberries + 150 gms Bathua (Pigweed)

Create deliciousness and share with all your family and friends…



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