This delicious creamy Raw Pant Based Salad is loved by everyone who has had it. Very delicious and filling delight for mealtimes. 

Serves :2 – 4 people.


To a Finely diced one iceberg lettuce add juice of one lemon and mix well.

Then add finely diced one yellow bell pepper, two tomatoes, one small green capsicum (optional), some purple cabbage, some coriander or other finely diced Vegs of choice.

For Dressing: Blend fresh cream from 1. 5 – 2 green coconuts (depending upon the thickness of the cream) with half of finely diced zucchini , lemon juice to taste and little water if required. Optionally add a small piece of ginger to the dressing if desired. Blend till creamy texture is achieved and mix well into the salad.

You can also add finely diced leaves of spring onion, some red chili powder and some cumin.

Serve well.

More Ideas-

We sometimes use green cabbage instead of iceberg lettuce but most of the people cannot digest it well so we don’t recommend that.

Instead of cream from young green coconut  optionally you can soak 2 tbs of melon seeds and use those (for the delightful creamy texture).

The recipe can also use a bag of finely diced mixed salad leaves which are easily available in organic stores which sell fresh produce. You can also mix greens of choice and use for this recipe.

Please use local organic produce by keeping this recipe as the base and create your own delicious recipe. Do let us know about your delicious variations.


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