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2 Days Raw Vegan Lifestyle- Practical Application Programme.

DATES: 26-27 December 2015. (Saturday- Sunday)

TIMING: 10am to 4 pm

VENUE: House Number 121B, Eagle Ridge Resort, Begur Road, South Bangalore, INDIA

Registrations open till: 22nd December 2015

Presenter: Anjali Sanghi


  • Who wish to create their own individualized raw vegan detox plan for weight loss/gain or disease reversal.
  • Understand and create your own long term raw vegan lifestyle as per your own needs and tastes
  • Traveling, Studying and Working on a raw vegan lifestyle.
  • Wish to learn delicious Indian Raw Vegan Gourmet recipes- Drinks, Fruits, Salad, Chat, Main-course, Sweets and more for enjoyable transition.
  • All parents who wish to transit themselves and their children to healthy eating.
  • Who are caregivers of children with special needs, elderly, handicapped .
  • Who are aspiring or established Athletes, Healers Singers, Dancers, Chefs, Common People and more…
  • Who wish to jumpstart their short-term, long-term raw vegan lifestyle with complete confidence


Introducing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables easily to yourself, your kids and families

Which foods are called Raw Vegan and why

How to find about nutrition in Raw Vegan Foods. Who should count calories, and who should not.

Create your own detox plans as per your own needs and tastes

Common deficiencies, excesses, allergies, intolerances and sensitivities and how to fulfill them in the best way

Food Combination and Sequencing for a healthy digestion free of gas, bloating, irritability

How to find out you are on the right path in your raw vegan lifestyle.

Raw Vegan equipment and Free resources

Composting and Growing Kitchen Garden

Procuring, Storing and Preparing food

Sun drying Food

Organic and Convention Produce. Why and how

Nuts or No Nuts. Which nuts and seeds & why

Delicious Indian flavoured Raw Vegan Allergen Free, Gourmet recipes- Drinks, Fruits, Salads, Chat, Sweets and more from locally available materials.

What is detox and cravings

Simple Lifestyle practices to help you heal and transit easily

Understanding growth and development in your whole being (Body~Soul~Spirit) when on Well-balanced Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Topics as per the requirements of participants

  • All this will be easy and practical.


Fruit Smoothies

Green Smoothies

Fruit and green Salads

Delicious combinations of Greens and veg salads from locally available produce.

Dips-Sauce-Spreads- Dressings-Soups-Jams

Indian drinks like lemonade, Kesar Elayachi Milk etc.

Indian flavoured Raw Vegan Chat and Salad

Indian flavoured Raw Vegan Rice with Raita, Curd Rice.

Sweets like ladoo, doughnuts, cake etc


Every participant will receive a receive a special registration form in which they can write their questions prior to the programme to the presenter so that the programme can be personalized as per their needs also.

We will be making all recipes with our own hands from the beginning to the end so that you can start making them immediately at your home.

Extra individual questions with Anjali Sanghi for each participant from 4pm to 5 pm if they desire.

We can also be watch some inspiring raw vegan movies together.


(President and Founder Trustee- INDIAN RAW VEGAN FOUNDATION)

Anjali Sanghi is a strong spirit, blessed soul and a raw vegan, home schooling parent. She is also a renowned Artist- Painter, Nationally & Internationally Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Internationally acclaimed Author -Speaker on ‘Natural Raw Vegan Foods, Living, Education and Parenting’ for the new generation kids and parents since 2003. She is the creator of Allergen Free Gourmet Indian Raw Vegan Drinks, Chat, Main-course and Desserts.

You can know more about her through: www.IndianRawVeganFoundation.com and www.anjalisanghi.com


INR 4,500/- per participant by 22nd December 2015

Contribution is to be deposited directly into the account of Anjali Sanghi for the whole workshop. Cash, Cheque, will be accepted only by 22nd December 2015.)


Savings Account No. 10211434560

State Bank of India, Inderpuri Branch, New Delhi-110012, INDIA


Cancellations or refund: Incase you are not able to attend or any reason ,any one else can replace you in your place. Otherwise the contribution will be adjusted for any up-coming workshop held in next one year from the said date.

If we are unable to conduct this workshop for any unforeseen reason then your full contribution will be refunded within first 15 working days of January 2016.


If you are traveling from another city then you can independently rent accommodation at Eagle Ridge Resort if required which is available on suitable rates.



Write to us through www.anjalisanghi.com for more details

You can also call on 9159870486



Important Disclaimer: All the information and ways being shared during this workshop are completely natural and have no side effects what so ever, except occasional harmless detox symptoms reported by few participants. Nothing here is a substitute to a medical advise directly or indirectly. Please consult a qualified practitioner in-case you foresee or have any inner or outer condition which needs medical or other appropriate care. Anjali Sanghi, Indian Raw Vegan Foundation or any other directly or indirectly related to us does not assume any responsibility of your actions.


Best Wishes.

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