Yes, it is definitely possible to procure well-balanced nourishment for ourselves, our children and family from a 100% fresh raw vegan balanced diet and lifestyle…like thousands of families worldwide. We also internally relate to the Saints and Seers of India who have lived completely on these foods during their spiritual quests, while they stayed in completely natural environments with their families. Some benefits include:

  • Enhanced clarity of mind and greater, effortless positive thinking
  • Ability to be in-tune with rhythms and cycles of nature
  • Greater physical strength and well being
  • Higher levels of fitness (if desired)
  • Feeling of inner purity and greater levels of energy
  • Increased immunity and functions
  • Balanced development of all senses
  • Balanced state of being
  • Smiling often.
  • Simpler and healthier digestion
  • Development of sensitivity to understand what is suitable for well being of self and others.
  • Ability to take mutually beneficial decisions
  • Sharper memory and enhanced concentration
  • Living free of addictions (best one for most)
  • Greater tolerance to all weather conditions and changes.
  • Greater prevention of dis-eases and dis-orders
  • Understanding others and having successful relationships
  • Creating abundance and prosperity for self and others
  • Helps in prevention, healing and care of children and adults with special needs.
  • Enhanced ability to develop love of learning. Un-learning and relearning easily amongst countless others…

Along with countless benefits to us as a Human Being, our wise choices result into innumerable benefits for all species and Earth as a whole:

-Our being and living healthy, makes a direct impact on the environment- where such kids and adults choose to live free of chemical pollutants in all aspects of life like in food, clothes, self-care, home-care, medicines.

-Their requirements are very less compared to an un-healthy and under-productive child and adult; and thus several resources on Earth are preserved.

-Since their daily living consciously does not involve use of any un-natural animal based foods or products; utensils; packaging; clothes and other necessities, greater peace is established upon Earth.

-No or minimum use of fuel for cooking food, not only restores ecological balance, but also saves those who are cooking from hidden, un-seen toxicity.

-Thousands of trees in a forest, millions of liters of fresh water and much more can be saved by a person just by changing certain food choices.

Certainly there are many more reasons. The more the people, the more there are reasons for us to include more and more fresh, ripe, fruits, vegetables and greens in our present lifestyle or live a healthy, well-balanced 100% raw vegan lifestyle as per our needs, tastes and age requirements.

Here is one of my favourite reasons to be fully raw vegan:


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