1. Take one step at a time: Whether it is adults or children, it is always wiser to change one step at a time. This also gives you time to learn more about this lifestyle whether you want yourself or your child to go a high raw vegan or a 100% raw vegan. Adding a mono meal or recipe of simple fresh raw food before all your meals brings about the transition easily. Please also refer to details about food combination and sequencing to know more. You are thus able to increase you intake of fresh ripe raw food easily and step by step.
  2. Only eat what you like: This means start with only those ripe fruits, greens and vegetables which you like. If you do not like a particular fruit then do not start with that. You might start to like the others also in a few months after you have begun eating fresh fruits and vegetables- abundantly.

This is important to mention here as in the name of raw vegan, people can start to feed themselves and their children concoctions or foods which could be un-palatable and create a dis-interest in the child or an adult to continue on this rewarding path.

Also in the beginning prefer not make meals complex, but keep it simple for a healthier digestion. One thing at a time is a good rule to progress as it allows better inner healing, digestion, absorption and well-being. Complex and dehydrated meals are however helpful when we are transitioning fully. Find some recipes ‘Here‘.

Some people really like to start with green smoothies. You can also find many well-combined simple fruit and green smoothie recipe ideas ‘Here

Some adults can also start with doing a simple yet powerful raw vegan cleanse according to their needs and tastes. More information on this can also be found on the Foundation’s website ‘Here‘.

  1. Follow food combination and sequencing: As already shared, well combined and well sequenced fresh foods in our diet are sure to build greater health. They help to remove gas, acidity, bloating, indigestion, irritability and several other issues. This is specially helpful for those in India, or are from Indian background.
  2. Eat a rainbow: In this universe, we belong to the realm of the visible light which is made up of rainbow colours. Not just over a day, or a week, or over a month; over the whole year, eat rainbow coloured foods, which will in-turn nourish you at all levels. Also make a well balanced diet as per your age, needs and tastes. Do not just keep going with what other people are following as it may or may not be for you. Educate yourself about this well as everyone is unique. A well balanced, fresh, natural raw vegan diet can even help you overcome any past mal-nutrition i.e. deficiencies or excesses found within you. We at Indian Raw Vegan Foundation are very happy to help you through this if required.
  3. Eat natural, organic and home-grown produce: It is needless to say that eating food with poisonous materials everyday (like in a conventional produce) will neither fully well-nourish us or our children. Save your self, other species and mother earth just by making wiser food choices. If it seems expensive to you then just consider what problems and future expenses eating poisonous food could bring. If you do a little research, you will definitely find ethical farmers and vendors who are lovingly growing genuine natural and organic produce on rich and healthy soil. Please don’t be surprised if you finally find organic produce at much cheaper rates than the conventionally grown produce.

DID YOU KNOW: We are aware that conventionally farmed foods in most places are often sprayed with chemicals or later with powders which generate a lot of heat in the food. If this is not the case than also they may be put in a closed heated chambers overnight. This is mostly done at a stage when foods are to be ripened very quickly to reach the market. This food thus looses it’s naturally raw ripe qualities and indirectly gets cooked. It is wise to always ensure to use the best quality foods to nourish ourselves, our kids and family. These can be the produce from wild, natural or organic sources. ‘Thus if you are not getting good results from your raw vegan diet or by fresh fruits and vegetables then please consider your produce.’

I would like to bring to your notice that doctors might not be wrong that people who have chances of high sugar or already have diabetes must not consume bananas. Have you ever thought that they are talking about conventional bananas which are made and ripened with chemicals. These conventional bananas might be retaining their natural shape, but have got so heated from inside that they have lost all their natural qualities. Hence they are not fit for eating at all in any-way for anyone. So many people even in India have been eating bananas and other fruits which are natural and have found success in bringing and keeping their blood sugar to normal state. Although it is still best to personally consult an experienced raw vegan practitioner if you have chances or are suffering from blood sugar and related issues.

  1. Go Vegan– It is well known that all human nutrition can be procured from an un-cooked plant based lifestyle both for children and adults. Please educate yourself while you make this transition and also consult an experienced practitioner to support you through it. As there are no government guideline presently available, please take time to sincerely empower yourself about this wonderful lifestyle.
  2. Remove the allergens from your diet:Several people and children over the world and especially in India could be sensitive, intolerant or allergic to various foods. They may not even be consciously aware of it. Even if they are aware, then also social aspects or cravings may overtake them so strongly that they give in to all kinds of food. You can always look up about the top 10 allergens and learn more on this topic through a reliable source.

For initial days, at-least for the first few months of transition, remove all top allergens from your diet. Did you know that all animal products including fish, dairy and eggs can also come under this category. People can also be highly sensitive or allergic to plant based tree-nuts, peanuts, chocolate, celery, sesame seeds, soya, corn, gluten found in wheat, barley etc. Lot of reliable information can be found on this when you look up online or by consulting an experienced practitioner.

As you remove all allergens and animal products from your diet and lifestyle, substitute the nutrition by increasing fruits and greens. Fruits and greens are a delicious and highly nature’s gifts which can be presented in a delightful way to our present generation kids. You can spend time looking up recipes in and also on the links sent to you along with this recording. It also greatly helps by studying nutritional profiles of fresh seasonal foods which are locally available where you live. This can be done through several books written by Indian Authors and also on websites like or . Both Savoury and Sweet Green Smoothies are loved by kids once they have a taste of it. Please refer to the earlier part of this recording for ideas on how to introduce these to your children.

  1. Stay away from instant cures and concoctions (whether chemical or natural): We have observed that several adults may indulge in giving their children and themselves combinations of chemical or natural based foods, juices or medicines just because they have heard about them from someone. Whether these instant cures may or may not work, still it is very important to understand the reasons behind them and not just blindly follow what is being told by another. Please consult an appropriate experienced practitioner for any questions which could be concerning you.
  2. Blood Checkups: It is always wise to do a regular blood check-up done under the guidance of your physician when you are starting to change your diet for long term. This will ensure that you scientifically recognize whatever deficiencies, excesses, sensitivities or allergies you may have before you begin. This will also help you to heal them deeply through food and lifestyle. It will also leave no option for you or anyone to blame any problems on your new diet and lifestyle.

We strongly recommend this. Please ensure to include tests for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 which have been found to be lower in a major portions of the population who have tested it.

Blood Tests after changing your lifestyle: As per our present understanding, the blood values of a healthy raw vegans can be very different from those who are on other lifestyles. The guidelines presently available are possibly everywhere based on a non-vegetarian lifestyle. Hence if you are a very long term high or fully raw vegan then please know that your healthy range could be very different from all others.

  1. Choosing Nuts and Seeds wisely: If we choose nuts and seeds as food, we use them in their most fresh state- straight from the plant, fruit or vegetable they are coming from.

Like green almonds, fresh seeds from water melons, muskmelon seeds, fresh pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds straight from the home grown sunflowers. We use sesame seeds or other nuts and seeds if we can get them straight from the plant or the farmer without a package. Several of them can be homegrown even in pots. People who had recommended them in the ancient times also got them straight from the plant and not from packets.

Fresh peas, fresh beans and several other plant foods are seeds themselves.

We do not use any packaged nuts and seeds. We have come to understand that nuts and seeds are very sensitive to rising temperature. They can internally turn rancid and thus toxic for us even during the packaging process. Several of them could also been pasteurized for transport. However we have used Organic Dried Almonds and Walnuts with shells and they have seemed to be of good quality.

Several people could be sensitive or allergic to some tree nuts and seeds. It is advisable to always check this even if you wish to use them in your raw vegan food preparations.

We also do not use Cashews, even organic ones as they have to be heated at very high temperatures (literally burnt in several cases) to remove the toxic fluid in the outer shell and procure the seed. Truly raw cashews are very rare to find.

Also even if you are using any raw organic dry nut, seed, grain, millet, lentil etc it is important to always soak them overnight, drain that water, wash them and them use them as sprouts. This is told by all holistic nutritionists world-wide so that the what is known as phytic acid on the surface of the dry seeds is removed. Phytic acid is the nature’s way to not allow human’s to have them in larger quantities and causes gas through your food. It also inhibits iron absorption. Please learn more about this as per your satisfaction and take appropriate action.

Having fresh nuts and seeds, which have the ability to sprout; as per our individual requirements has done us good since several years now. We recommend you to do the same or even better.

  1. Do not fear detox: Detox means the process of detoxification where toxins accumulated within your body, mind, thoughts and beyond are released. This release is very essential for your health and well being. Some people feel minor headaches, nausea, cough, cold, fever, skin break or diarrhea like symptoms. You can know that you are undergoing a detox as during this process you inwardly feel very peaceful. Thus allowing this cleaning can relieve you from many know and un-known issues laying dormant within. The process of detox can definitely be made easy through prayer, meditation, exercise, acupressure and similar practices. It is not required for anyone too actually spend lakhs of rupees for undergoing a detox. You can safely do it at home and receive assistance from experienced practitioners. If wanting to undergo a detox programme then choose to create your own as per your own needs and tastes.

Also children must not undertake any detox programmes. They must only be helped gently to transit. You must always understand what happens during detox and how wonderful it feels to have a newly purified body, before you begin to transit children so that your actions towards your children reflect complete conviction.

‘Preparing the food’ when you begin also lowers the intensity of emotional detox. Just making a simple smoothie or cutting your fruit in a bowl or plate and having it is a wonderful idea.

Also when you begin, then frequent urination for some people and children is observed. As your body gets used to these water rich, fully nourishing and hydrating foods, you will be not be urinating so frequently and it’s frequency will come back to normal. Did you know that children can do bed wetting upto the age of 7 to 12 years until their energy cycles are fully established as per their constitution and temperaments. Still to avoid bed wetting while you are transitioning avoid any liquids, very water rich foods like cucumbers etc after evening time.

  1. Understand Cravings: There could be many reasons for cravings like:

You are not eating enough and you are really hungry. Thus your brain will remind you about foods which you had earlier, till the time it has recognized your new food choices.

If you are detoxing emotionally then you may be reminded of foods made by your mother in your childhood. It is important to undertake mother healing and understand that your mother or caregiver did what was best for you at that time. As you make new choices now you must let the past go. Embracing the new, helps the past melt away quickly.

Foods have been used for emotional eating as a means of stress relief by many . It is wiser to replace un-healthy foods and now eat fresh ripe fruits and vegetables as you can have them in greater quantities without any side-effects.

Certain nutritional deficiencies can also be one of the reasons for craving certain foods. Please refer to the chart ‘Here‘.

  1. Dental Health: Take care of your dental health as recommended to you. We have seen that by rinsing our mouth after few minutes of finishing every meal and cleaning our teeth optimally twice a day has made our dental heath better on a raw vegan lifestyle. If your diet and lifestyle is fully nourishing for you then your dental health must not regress, but become better. We do not drink water immediately upon fruit. We always wait for a while and then rinse our mouths or drink water.

The raw vegan lifestyle is very different from any other as it belongs to the inner, balanced and natural realm. Obtaining nutrition from this lifestyle is also very different especially when you begin. Rules of no other lifestyle need to apply to this lifestyle. Here you are free to eat in abundance, as much as your like. Decide yourself which foods are best for you at a certain time. Change your raw vegan diet and lifestyle as your needs change. Not necessarily eat on fixed times of breakfast, lunch and dinner even if you are not hungry. You can eat when you like and slowly allow your body to heal and come to it’s own natural rhythm. Once you learn to recognize your own rhythms, your time patterns for having food will get set by themselves. You will feel free. You will not engage in social eating and will not enjoy making meal times for socializing. Instead you will focus on really being fully nourished and doing the same for your children or others in your care. Because of this your relationships will deepen and become more meaningful as you will have time to be with others genuinely. Thus shower of abundance will follow in all aspects of your life as a result of universal law of attraction.

  1. Do not force yourself or your child to go raw vegan: Even if you have understood all the benefits, fear and forcing will not work in long term. Be with your children and get to know them well, then you can definitely know and do what is best for them. Being with them is also the biggest gift you can give to them and yourself. Your children are the answer to your prayers can be the best friends you have always been looking for. We would also like you to ensure that at-least one parent is with the child while they are being transitioned. Please make the process of transition as gentle for yourself and your family as possible and seek guidance of an experienced practitioner especially if your are transitioning a young child, or you are pregnant or if you wish to conceive soon through this beautiful lifestyle. If you are transitioning only your-self then seek or create a positive raw vegan support group.
  2. Taking Support of Other Lifestyle Practices: Energy Healing, Meditation, Positive Joyful Thinking, Smiling Often, Playing co-operative games, Singing, Stories, Pressing each others feet, Doing our work ourselves are few of the things we follow to nourish not just our body, but our whole being: Body~Soul~Spirit in the way that is best for us. Most of the things we do, do not require any extra money or inputs from outside, but only our will and resolve to do them day after day. Listening deeply, acknowledging, healing and taking action on our feelings is something we have adopted as a part of our living. A rhythmical day-week-month-year also brings joy and supports spiritual progress. If you have anything you love then make it a part of your lifestyle. It is definitely important to connect to nature and till the time you do not have the opportunity to connect from outside, then connect deep from within through meditation. If you do not know how to meditate easily, then please ask us. We will be very happy to share what we do. ‘Self-care’ & ‘Spiritual-care’ is equally important as food.
  3. Take responsibility of your food yourself: When you ensure this step then transition and sustainability becomes easy and effortless. Many people, especially men are not able to reap all benefits of this rewarding lifestyle if they leave their responsibility of food on another. So listen to your heart and support yourself with positive action. The extra energy which you get with raw foods, will help you accomplish this and much more.
  4. Everything comes with practice and is replaced with something new only by practice. The power of rhythmical practice is very grate. Peace is also a practice.
  5. Developing ‘Love of Learning’ is a wonderful gift we can give to ourselves.
  6. Sun, moon, starts, sky, air, water, soil, animals, birds, insects, humans are equally important in our lives as is food.
  7. Love and Respect yourself & everyone around you: This is the final and the most essential one. Inner work is always more essential than outer work. If you can slowly yet surely see everyone equally irrespective of what they eat, do or have, you will surely become a very powerful medium of change of the Universe. Remember: Goodness will always succeed.  Best wishes and shower of abundance to you and your family. Love- Anjali Sanghi.
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