Practical Application Workshop on..


 On Monday, 14th March 2016, 10am-1pm

 Venue: The Club House, Prestige Bougainvillea, ECC Road, Opposite Deans Academy, Whitefield, Bangalore-560066

Contribution: Rs. 500- person

(Contribution is to be given on the spot.)

Sujok 14 March 2016 Whitefield
​Su-Jok is a science which can help your body, mind, emotions and the whole being to heal or prevent any dis-eases or dis-orders, by completely natural processes of your own body.Su-Jok means Hand-Foot. It uses body’s internal intelligence and ‘micro remote controls on our hands and feet’ to support healing through like Acupressure,Colour therapy, Seed Therapy, Nail Therapy amongst several others.

You cannot go wrong in this and you cannot press a wrong point here. It is so simple that anyone can understand and start applying for dis-ease prevention in a matter of few minutes. It has painless ways of healing and thus available to all.

The best way to benefit from Su-Jok Therapy is to learn it yourself. It is the simplest spiritual science to relieve yourself and your family of any pains, detox your body, emotions, thoughts and also to prevent any dis-eases. The importance of massage and acupressure have been well know in Indian History. Su-Jok makes it even more simpler for all of us to apply in our daily life.

This practical application programme would be beneficial for:

People who have pains or who want to help someone in pain

Who understand the importance of detox and dis-ease prevention

Weight Problems

Special needs



Nursing mothers

All men, women and everyone of any age, educational or financial background.

Who already have a background in similar or other health-care sciences.


You would also be able to help your-self, your kids and family with:

–      Digestive issues

–      Headaches

–      Back pains

–      Joint pains

–      Instant sprains and pains

–      Emergency conditions till medical help arrives

–      Breathing problems

–      Neck pains

–      Weakness

–      Bed wetting

–      Becoming calmer, peaceful, balanced, centered.

–      Sleeping and eating well.

–      And Much More


PLEASE CALL Mrs. Aashita Chadha on 9379119945 incase you need directions.

Anjali Sanghi

About the trainer:

ANJALI SANGHI from New Delhi, INDIA is an internationally certified Su-Jok Therapist. Along with thousands of clinical and practical experiences in Su-jok therapy since 2003, she has had several opportunities of studying Su-Jok Therapy and other aspects of Onnuri Medicine including Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation from several mentors and directly from the inventor himself- Late Prof. Park. J. Woo. Her other education background also includes PGD from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Institute in ‘Holistic Healthcare’, including several other national and international degrees and diplomas in various fields.

Anjali is also the President and Founder Trustee of Indian Raw Vegan Foundation, a Waldorf Home Educator, an Author and International Speaker on ‘Natural Raw Vegan Foods, Living,Education and Parenting’ for new generation Kids & Adults.  She is loved over the world, since a decade for sharing her experiences with mothers, kids and families to support them through the route of nature, to discover what is best for themselves. You can know more from

Help yourself, your kids and family to easily minimize and remove pains and  toxicity from within you and reap the abundant benefits of preventing troubles by living naturally..                                                                                                                                                                                

Come and celebrate health and well being with us.

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Disclaimer: Everything shared during this programme is completely natural and does not have any side effect what so ever, except or a few simple detox symptoms observed by some people ocassionally. Nothing is this programme is a substitute for a medical advise directly or indirectly.

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