Bhindi ki sabzi (Ladyfinger-Okra) is loved by most of the people and children all over India. Making it as a steamed version ensures that you receive much more nutrition along with it’s delicious taste. (And it’s not as lacy as you would expect it to be).

Course: Main-course

Cuisine: Indian

Author: Anjali Sanghi

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Prep Time: 15 minutes (manual)

Steam Time: 12 minutes (may vary little for different steamers)

Spices: 3 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 2



250 grams ladyfinger- okra



Salt to taste

1 T-spoon cumin seeds

½ T-spoon turmeric (haldi) powder

½ T-spoon dry coriander seed (dhania) powder

Red chili powder to taste- around ¼ to ½ t-spoon (optional)

Any other spices as per your tastes.


Fine chopped fresh coriander leaves

PRE-PREPARATION: 12-15 minutes

Ladyfinger: Wash your ladyfingers well. Keep them in a big sieve and allow them to dry or a few minutes.

Now take them one by one and remove the heads.


Now slice them from between and check for any bugs. Keep all the clean ones aside.

Now you can chop them in any size you like, but the smaller you will chop them the quicker they will get steamed.

STEAMING: 8-12 minutes

  1. Put water in the bottom part of your steamer. Put the top attachment and all chopped lady fingers to it.
  2. Cover it with the lid and put it for steaming. If using gas, put the knob on full for first 3-4 minutes then make it slow.
  3. After 5-6 minutes remove the cover and stir the lady fingers with a spoon. (Take care that too much steam does not come upon you as it is hot).
  4. After around 8-9 minutes, open the lid and stir it once more. Check if the ladyfingers are cooked or you can continue steaming for some more time.


You can do this in two ways.

Method 1

Mix the desired spices and salt in a small bowl.

Option 1: Just when the steaming is complete, mix the spices well to the vegs. Cover the lid and let them steam for a minute of two so that all flavours get mixed well. Now you can serve your dish.

Option 2: Take out the steamed vegetables and keep them aside in a bigger bowl. Let it cool a little bit.

Now mix the spice and salt mixture to the steamed vegetables. Though this step is very easy, but mix them gently to keep the shape and texture of the vegetables intact.

Serve beautifully and share with everyone.

Method 2:

Mix the salt well within the steamed vegetables. Dry roast the rest of the spices and then mix well to the vegetables.


This water is rich in nutrition. You can:

  • Cool it a little and sip on it your-self by adding herbs to taste.
  • Use it to kneed dough or boil some food in it.
  • Cool it completely and water your plants with it.


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