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Anjali is an Author; Pioneer in Indian Raw, Steamed, Detox and other Delicious, Innovative Recipes; and a National Speaker.
Anjali has become the medium of innovating several wonderful- first time ever- creations including allergen free, un-cooked, gourmet: INDIAN RAW RECIPES: Drinks, Chaat, Main-course & Sweets, which she shares on this website and recipe book of the same title. INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES are also surprisingly delicious and nourishing creations which are loved by kids & adults alike. Anjali’s recipes and recipe books are a must for everyone looking for healthier yet flavourful delights for everyday and festive enjoyment.

Anjali has been interviewed or profiled by most of the National Magazines and Newspapers including, Femina, Indian Express, Life Positive, Grazia, Business Standard etc. and her work has also been loved by common people since 2003.

Please read more FAQ’s below.



1. What is my educational background? Have I studied nutrition?

You can know about my detailed educational background by scrolling below.

Yes, I have studied Nutrition as a part of different courses. I have also self studied and researched in detail on different kinds of diets. I have had an opportunity to learn ‘Therapeutic Nutrition’ while doing Post Graduate Course in ‘Holistic Healthcare’ in 2005 from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation.

Please also read Nutrition Disclaimer Here.

2. What kind of food do we have presently?

Our present daily food consists various fresh fruits and mostly two meals of steamed Indian recipes/other recipes with suitable Indian side dishes. We as a joint family, also enjoy all other kinds of Indian or international cuisines; or outside food whenever it is required and is offered as Divine Prasad.

We do not follow any particular lifestyle or diet now. We follow a non-restrictive, well-balanced positive lifestyle: both socially and spiritually.

3. Who is your mentor/teacher/guide and how have you overcome your incurable and un-diagnosed problems? What were they? Can we contact them directly if we also have/ want to prevent problems?

When I became better, many people started asking me how did it happen! How did the impossible become possible? So on their suggestion, I started sharing about by teacher freely with everyone so that they could also gain these great Universal benefits.

(Important: I do not retain most of my previous medical prescriptions. There are no claims made below. These are all my true experiences.)

I cannot express the severity of my problems, but I definitely have experienced that when all / most doors are closed, still the door to Divine is always open. Your true prayers are always answered and and that can happen very easily (and also in a scientific way). When all medicines fail then doctors also tell us to pray to the Divine. Then why not do/explore it now and that too scientifically…

There was a time when all conventional, alternative and natural- food, herbs, medicines, cures, methods, techniques (even those which I had learned myself): stopped having any effect towards my pains & inner problems. It had become even difficult to digest raw foods and water! I finally recovered very easily by contacting and receiving constant natural, universal, powerful, positive yet simple meditations from SRI MAA & Institute of Spiritual Sciences.  These meditations and simple lifestyle practices do not require focus, concentration, being thoughtless or leaving anything else. I thus recommend these for all adults and children.

Regular guidance, simple-short-yet powerful-universal meditations and natural, scientific methods created by – SRI MAA (Founder of Institute of Spiritual Sciences and www.sidhshakti.tv), have easily healed me inside out from many incurable and un-diagnosed problems through positive combination of Inner Science, Modern Science and Spiritual Science.

Few of the symptoms included:

  • -Several symptoms of Auto-Immune Disorder
  • -Severe Pains in Joints and Knees
  • -Lower Hemoglobin,
  • -Missing Eyelashes,
  • -Swelling on tongue with missing taste buds,
  • -Very weak, shaking  & yellow teeth,
  • -Palpitation, Short breath,
  • -Tennis elbow,
  • -Recurrent alopecia on scalp and skin.
  • -Recurrent spontaneous abortions,
  • -PCOD, several other menstrual problems.
  • -Very Low BP (going high sometimes),
  • -Weakness, Stress, Tension, Negative thoughts
  • -Recurrent long-term, un-diagnosed low grade fevers with full body pains.
  • -Severe varicose veins, sciatica which would make me immobile many times in the day.
  • -Un-diagnosed digestive issues including intolerance to several foods and inability to absorb certain nutrition properly including from supplements.
  • -Un-diagnosed, severe chemical sensitivity and intolerance to smells, general household cleaning products, pollution- resulting into inability to go anywhere or move out easily, otherwise resulting into fever and whole body rashes.
  • -Several other symptoms.

Please feel free to contact Institute of Spiritual Sciences directly on their website: www.sidhshakti.tv

4. Do you face any problems in life now?

To us, now they present another opportunity to seek guidance, go within, explore, heal and learn something positive & new.

5. What do you share with people about food in your e/books?

Recipe ideas and lots of them- We feel blessed to have become a medium of innovating several Indian Raw, Steamed, Boiled and other delicious Recipes which we share in our books and on Social Media Pages. Anyone who has had them has been pleasantly surprised and has loved them.

Everyone including kids, mothers and elderly, following any lifestyle needs to have certain  amount of raw food (fruits, vegetables, greens) daily which they can have prepared as these yummy recipes.

These days mostly everyone aspires to prepare easy to create- cooked recipes which can can match up to your taste requirements, but can also have higher nourishment. Our steamed and other recipes can easily fill up this gap which you have been looking for.

There are also detailed food related topics in the respective books. Thus our books are for everyone.

CLICK HERE to know more and get about our e/books:

6. Do I advertise any products or take affiliation from anyone to recommend any products or books?

I only share about what has genuinely helped me. Not just short term but in my long term experience. I am always open to trying new, positive things in life and share if required.

7. Can we talk you over the phone?

Yes, I am always willing to share anything you may require to know from me. However, I would prefer an email communication. Phone calls are only for Women. Please leave a message and we can send you a time when we have availability to talk.





They are our Awareness Initiatives to share and serve people. Through these pages we also share about our teachers and mentors freely, if anyone would like to learn from them directly.

If you have more questions which you think should be added here, then please feel free to CLICK HERE and send them to us.




~ Humbly, Anjali Sanghi




Anjali Sanghi has received several national and international certifications, degrees and diplomas in various fields. Which include:

Course Institution Year Major Subjects
Institute of Spiritual Sciences Institute of Spiritual Sciences Since 2003 Several
One Year Steiner Education Seminar Bangalore Steiner School 2015-16 Several
Doreen Virtue Internationally Certified Realm Reader 2014
Charles Virtue International Certification in Indigo Power Studies 2014
Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education Training Various Mentors 2013 onwards Several Teacher Training
PG Diploma in Holistic Health Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, Hyderabad, INDIA 2005 Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Modern Medicine, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Energy Healing and several others.
Smile Meditation Smile Meditation International 2005 in Jaipur and New Delhi Smile Meditation, Smile Twist
Massage Therapies and Treatments International Spa Academy Consulting, U.K. 2004 in New Delhi Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and Spa Treatments
Twist Therapy International Spiral Motions Association, Moscow, RUSSIA 2003-04 in Jaipur and New Delhi Taiji, Gymnastics, Yoga, Sports, Dance, Twist Walking, Spiral Breath, Twist Therapy
Su-Jok Therapy (Advanced) International Su-Jok Acupuncture Association, Moscow, RUSSIA 2003-04 in Jaipur and New Delhi Su-Jok Acupressure, Acupuncture, Colour, Seed, Magnet, Nail Therapies

She has also had the opportunity to undergo other national and international training, research and education in several other fields. Since Anjali does this study & research for her own interests or service. She has officially not given exams for many of those and hence they are not mentioned here.


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