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Anjali is an Author and a National Speaker. She also loves to create and freely share delicious, highly nourishing versions of the most loved Indian and International recipes. Anjali has authored 2 famous- Recipe Books on Indian raw and steamed food. She also has to her credit several books written on topic of ‘detox through food’ + story books for kids.

Over time Anjali has learnt about food (what most people don’t know) + easy to do traditional Indian Detox & other positive practices- ‘which really work’ for all. Through her talks, online events she presently shares her ways to develop unique detox methods as per individual needs & tastes.

Anjali has been interviewed or profiled by most of the National Magazines and Newspapers including, Femina, Indian Express, Life Positive, Grazia, Business Standard etc. and her work has also been loved by common people since 2003.


Anjali’s recipes and recipe books are a must for every family looking for healthier, yet mouth watering & tasty, daily delights and special preparations. Her recipes are easy to create and their flavours will amaze you. They can be made a part of every lifestyle.

INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES are surprisingly scrumptious – steamed / boiled creations, which have been immensely loved by kids & adults alike. Anjali has brought forth this book after several years of successful self experience and innovating food into new creative recipes.

Anjali also has to her credit several incredible- first time, un-believable innovations like allergen free, un-cooked, gourmet: INDIAN RAW RECIPES. They include Indian Drinks, Chaat, Main-course, Sweets & other recipes.




1. What is my educational background? Have I studied nutrition?

Yes, I have studied Nutrition as a part of different courses. I have also self studied and researched in detail on different kinds of diets. I have had an opportunity to learn ‘Therapeutic Nutrition’ while doing Post Graduate Course in ‘Holistic Healthcare’ in 2005 from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation. However I am not a dietitian nor a nutritionist. (And do not claim to be one also).  I also feel blessed to have an opportunity study and to learn about various other fields.

You can know about my Detailed Educational Background Here.

2. What kind of food do we have presently?

Our present daily food since 2016 consists various fresh fruits, salad and homemade cooked meals. We also enjoy all other kinds of Indian or international cuisines; or outside food whenever it is required. We now follow a non-restrictive, well-balanced positive lifestyle: both socially and spiritually.

3. How have you overcome your incurable and un-diagnosed problems? Who is your mentor? Can we contact them directly if we also have/ want to prevent problems?

When I became better, many people started asking me how did it happen! How did the impossible become possible? So on their request, I started sharing about it freely with everyone so that they could also gain these great Universal benefits (Important: I do not retain most of my previous medical prescriptions. There are no claims made below. These are all my true experiences. Results may vary from person to person.)

There was a time at a young age when all conventional, alternative and natural- food, herbs, medicines, cures, methods, techniques (even those which I had learned myself): stopped having any effect towards my pains & inner problems. It had become even difficult to digest fruits and water!

I finally recovered very easily by contacting and leaning natural, powerful, positive yet simple meditations + lifestyle practices from Institute of Spiritual Sciences.  These meditations and simple lifestyle practices do not require focus, concentration or being thoughtless. No need to change anything in your present lifestyle. They can be learned from wherever you live in the world. Even kids can learn and do easily. I thus recommend these for all adults and children.

Regular guidance, simple-short meditations and natural, scientific methods learnt from Institute of Spiritual Sciences, have easily healed me inside out from many incurable and un-diagnosed problems; & brought long-term experience of deep peace, well-being through positive combination of Inner Science, Modern Science and Spiritual Science.

Few of the symptoms included:

  • Severe Pains in Joints and Knees
  • Lower Hemoglobin,
  • Missing Eyelashes,
  • Swelling on tongue with missing taste buds (geographic tongue),
  • Very weak, shaking  & yellow teeth,
  • Palpitation, Short breath,
  • Tennis elbow,
  • severe pain in knees and ankles,
  • Recurrent alopecia on scalp and skin.
  • Recurrent spontaneous abortions,
  • PCOD, several other menstrual problems.
  • Very Low BP (going high sometimes),
  • Weakness, Stress, Tension, Negative thoughts
  • Recurrent long-term, un-diagnosed low grade fevers with full body pains.
  • Severe varicose veins, sciatica which would make me immobile many times in the day.
  • Un-diagnosed digestive issues including intolerance to several foods and inability to absorb certain nutrition properly including from supplements.
  • Un-diagnosed, severe chemical sensitivity and intolerance to smells, general household cleaning products, pollution- resulting into inability to go anywhere or move out easily, otherwise resulting into fever and whole body rashes.
  • Several other symptoms.

Please feel free to contact Institute of Spiritual Sciences directly on their website: www.sidhshakti.tv

4. What are the important things you have learnt during the process of recovery which may help others?

The process of suffering and recovery has made me humble. It has made me realize that inner health, happiness, peace, blessings of elders, teachers and the Supreme are the greatest treasure, a normal person can have in this mortal world. Once we have these in place, inner wealth can lead to outer success in all spheres. Also truly praying for resolution of your problems always leads us to find and easy, positive and doable scientific solutions.

Now as our thoughts have shifted towards inner peace, life presents to us more and more opportunities to seek guidance, go within, explore, heal, learn, while staying focused on positive – and leading a balanced life.

5. What do you share with people in your website, courses and e/books?

Recipe ideas and methods of detox. Several other topics are also covered.

I only share about what has genuinely helped me and others- not just short term, but in my long term experience/ intuition.

CLICK HERE to know more and get about our e/books:

7. How can we stay connected and receive updates about new recipes/ events/ books?





They are our Awareness Initiatives to share and serve people. Through these pages we also share about our teachers and mentors freely, if anyone would like to learn from them directly.

If you have more questions which you think should be added here, then please feel free to CLICK HERE and send them to us.


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Updated: March 2019

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes. Results may vary from person to person. This website, our books etc are completely based on personal experiences and research. Author or anyone directly-indirectly related do not take any kind of guarantee or responsibility of your actions. Please read complete disclaimer HERE.

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