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This website www.anjalisanghi.com, social media pages, books and events, provide nutritional information and values from time to time. These values and information are calculated through online softwares like cronometer(.com). Even though we attempt to provide accurate information, different factors like seasonal availability, quantity and quality of produce from different parts of the world and India can alter the actual nutritional value of the recipe which you create. Different nutrition calculators may also show variable results for the same recipe depending upon their database and other factors. Hence the information provided by us can only be representational. Under no circumstances shall this website anjalisanghi.com,  the author or anyone/anything directly or indirectly associated can be made responsible for any loss or damage resulting for your reliance on the given nutritional information. Therefore you are solely responsible for ensuring that any nutritional information provided is accurate, complete and useful.

I am not a certified nutritionist and do not make any claims to counter this. I have studied Nutrition as a part of different courses. I have also self studied and researched in detail on different kinds of diets. I have had an opportunity to learn ‘Therapeutic Nutrition’ while doing Post Graduate Course in ‘Holistic Healthcare’ in 2005 from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation. You can know about my educational background here.

Also nutritional information, recipes and resources shared on this website, through social media, our books and more are not a substitute to medical advise. Dietary requirements are unique to individuals. Therefore, please consult an appropriate healthcare practitioner or nutritionist before making any changes to your present diet/ lifestyle. Further disclaimer can be read on this page below.


The recipes, information and detox methods etc. shared on this website or social media, courses etc are completely natural and have no side effects. Yet, results may vary from person to person. Nothing on this website is a substitute to medical advise directly or indirectly.  If your own, or family members/others condition requires medical help or supervision then please consult a qualified medical practitioner/doctor before making any dietary or direct/indirect lifestyle changes. The author, writer, owner(s) and publisher(s) of this website, books and other directly-indirectly related entities do not take any guarantee or responsibility for any adverse reactions, effects, or consequences resulting from the use of any recipes, suggestions, information herein or procedures undertaken thereafter.


All original content on this website are original work and creation- owned by Anjali Sanghi. It includes all text, recipes, ingredients, recipe methods, photography. This means they are all Copyrighted with © All Rights Reserved.

We request you to respect copyright of everything shared on this website very sincerely. Please ensure that no part of this publication is reproduced, by any mechanical, photographic or electronic process, or in the form of a photographic recording, nor is it transmitted or otherwise copied for public or private use.

Link and positive short excerpts of any post- upto 4 lines can be used with credit and a link back to the respective post. Full written posts should not be used for any commercial purposes (eg websites, print etc) without clear written permission.

Also the recipes must not be shared in your name(s) by changing a few ingredients here or there.

Some photographs are royalty free images from respective websites.


PERSONAL USE: Make freely at home & for your personal gatherings.

SPIRITUAL USE: Make freely to be distributed for free prasadam.

COMPETITIONS: KIDS: All recipes can be used in cooking, un-cooking or other contests only by school children at their school or home. Please always refer the author’s name, website and/or book’s name everywhere you use them. I you need any help or want to share your pictures with us than please feel free to write an email. Please always maintain hygiene required for recipes you are creating.

ADULTS: Adults are not allowed to use, make, display or record these or similar recipes without written consent from Anjali Sanghi.

COMMERCIAL USE: Please take written permission from Anjali Sanghi if you wish to make and sell these and similar recipes in hotels, restaurants, schools, canteens, tiffin service etc. By requesting for this written permission you are assuring us that you will strictly follow the hygiene standards and quality of produce as prescribed by the norms of your country, society etc.; or as required by the health condition of people you are serving this food to. You must always refer the author’s and/or book’s name everywhere the recipe is being listed. If these guidelines are not followed strictly then the Copyright Laws of the author will apply.

TEACHING THESE RECIPES: is to be only done by Anjali Sanghi, unless she has herself given you a written consent to do so.

DONATION: Part of money received through sale of e/books or any other activities from www.anjalisanghi.com is humbly offered as a contribution towards genuine public welfare to INSTITUTE OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCES. Please find details on www.sidhshakti.tv 

We are happy to share our unique, delicious recipes with you. Please use and cherish them responsibly.

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