1. What is my previous work and educational background? Have I studied nutrition?

You can CLICK HERE to know about my work and educational background.

Yes, I have studied Nutrition as a part of different courses. I have also self studied and researched in detail on different kinds of diets. I have had an opportunity to learn ‘Therapeutic Nutrition’ while doing PGD  in Holistic Healthcare in 2005 from Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation.

2. What have I eaten before and what do I eat now?

We have been born and brought up as vegetarians. In early 2012 after doing all that I knew about food and nutrition and yet not finding all my answers, I understood that was time to learn further. Then I had an opportunity to learn from various people and did an in depth research.

For Therapeutic reasons we changed our food habits and had good results. In September 2012 I went 100% raw, plant based and realized that my body accepted it well and felt very clean. I continued that fully with complete dedication till September 2016. My digestive system became cleansed and inner health became very good, but still I required help with a few incurable and un-diagnosed problems like severe chemical sensitivity and others (see below). That time I requested guidance from my mentor and I was told to have root vegetables in a greater quantity. I tried to have those as raw, but it became a lot of work for me to prepare smoothies, salads or dehydrate them to have it in the quantity that I required; along with fulfilling all other responsibilities.

Finally we thought it was a good time to try if we could have them steamed. That suited me well. After that I recovered quickly with the help of healing meditation, other food and other lifestyle practices under constant guidance from my teacher. Since then I could have everything without any restriction.

Presently I have vegetarian/vegan cooked/steamed and mostly raw food: whatever I choose or whatever I am offered as Divine Prasad.

We now follow a non-restrictive, well-balanced positive lifestyle: both socially and spiritually.

I continue to do raw food detox whenever required and share those delicious recipes and empowering methods with everyone.

3. What is your relationship with food?

Food for me is a time to connect to Divine and offer reverence for so much kindness and grace. We have now learnt to pray before meals and accept everything that has been offered to us as ‘Prasad’.

4. What have you learnt in your journey with food?

Food has helped me overcome a fear that what will people say if I listen to my heart. Food has become a Divine medium to help me realize that whatever is to be done in the present moment is more important than worrying about the future. Also life has awakened me to this truth through these experiences- that change is inevitable, whether it is the way you eat or the way you live…

5. What do you share with people about food in your books, online programs and events?

Recipe ideas and lots of them- We feel blessed to have become a medium of innovating several Indian Raw, Steamed and Detox, plant based Recipes which we share in our books and on Social Media Pages. Anyone who has had them has been pleasantly surprised and has loved them.

Everyone including kids, mothers and elderly, following any lifestyle needs to have certain  amount of raw food ( fruits, vegetables, greens) daily which they can have prepared as these yummy recipes. We are always happy to clear myths, and also share about several other topics which most of the people or parents don’t know about food…

Thus our programs are for everyone.

We also love to share about how to create your own raw vegan detox which can be suitable as per your own needs and tastes- to ‘detox your body’ easily.

CLICK HERE to know more about upcoming online and other events.

6. Who is your mentor/teacher/guide and how have you overcome your incurable and un-diagnosed problems? What were they?

I have been is student and practitioner of Universal Energy based Sidhshakti Healing Meditations, Therapeutic Acupressure, Yoga, Mudra, Food & more under the guidance of – SRI MAA (Founder of Institute of Spiritual Sciences and www.sidhshakti.tv). After I started this, it has easily healed me inside out from many incurable and un-diagnosed problems. Few of the symptoms included Missing Eyelashes, Swelling on tongue with missing taste buds, Very weak  & yellow teeth, Palpitation, Short breath, Tennis elbow, Recurrent alopecia on scalp and skin. Recurrent spontaneous abortions, PCOD, Very Low BP (going high sometimes), Weakness, Stress, Tension and several other incurable menstrual problems. Recurrent long-term, un-diagnosed low grade fevers with full body pains. Severe varicose veins, sciatica which would make me immobile many times in the day. Digestive issues including intolerance to several foods and inability to absorb certain nutrition properly including from supplements. Un-diagnosed, severe chemical sensitivity and intolerance to smells, general household cleaning products, pollution- resulting into inability to go anywhere or move out easily. Several symptoms of Auto-immune disorder and many other problems.

Our young son has also overcome his genetic disorder and all it’s symptoms by practicing these easy meditations and specialized natural methods which do not require focus and concentration. Everyone- including children can do these therapeutic meditations and learn these courses online, any-where in the world to receive great benefits.

Please feel free to contact them directly on their websites: www.sidhshakti.tv, blog.sidhshakti.tv 

7. Do you fall sick or face any problems in life now?

Problems, pains and sickness are a part of growing up in life. They come and go. To us, now they present another opportunity to seek guidance, go within, explore, heal and learn something positive & new.

8. Please  tell about Indian Raw Vegan Foundation?

Indian Raw Vegan Foundation (IRVF) was founded in 2014. All our free Raw food programs are conducted under Indian Raw Vegan Foundation. We have several free raw food awareness groups for everyone on Social Media and Whatsapp which are run through IRVF. Read more

9. Do I advertise any products or take affiliation or money from anyone to recommend any products or books?

No, I only share about what has genuinely helped me. Not just short term but in my long term experience.

10. Can we talk you over the phone?

Yes, I am always willing to share anything you may require to know from me. I would prefer an email communication, however it is important for you than talking on the phone is always wonderful. Please leave a message and we can send you a time when we have availability to talk.

If you have more questions which you think should be added here, then please feel free to CLICK HERE and send them to us.

Updated: Dec 2017

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