In this one of it’s kind book, the author Anjali Sanghi presents traditional and modern Indian dishes through un-paralleled Indian raw food versions.




  • Over 70 + Indian Raw Food Recipes.
  • Fully Coloured, A4 size, 90+ pages.
  • All recipes are Nourishing ~ Fully un-cooked ~ Raw ~ Plant Based.
  • Rich in nourishment and medicinal values of natural Indian herbs and spices.
  • Made from ingredients which can be available around the world.
  • Includes Indian Drinks, Sweets, Chaat, Salad, Raita, Chutneys, Main-Course, Side Dishes and more…
  • All recipes are kid tested and also loved by people of different liking from all over the world.
  • Recipes allow you to mold them as per your tastes, local availability and needs



“Anjali’s first book ‘INDIAN RAW RECIPES’ in nothing less than phenomenal.”

In this extraordinary ‘FIRST EVER’ Indian Raw Food Un-Cookbook, Anjali Sanghi combines the flavors and techniques of Indian cuisine with creative and intuitive food preparation methods.  She skillfully mixes natural, fresh, raw food, plant-based ingredients resulting in an Indian Raw Food Feast for all.

Do you want yourself, kids or family members to include highly nourishing raw foods in your present lifestyle? Or you wish to present surprisingly delicious, new dishes to your guests each time? This book presents to you various raw options to explore one of the world’s greatest cuisines in a unique way.

Moreover all the 70 + recipes in the book are:

  • Oil free
  • Processed sugar free
  • Plant based
  • Fully Un-cooked
  • Highly nourishing


DRINKS: Lemonade- Nimbu Pani, Lassi, Thandai, Jal-Jeera, Aam Panna & more…

SWEETS: Ladoo, Peda, Sandesh, Gajar Halwa, Kheer, Kulfi, & more…

RAITAS:  Cucumber Tomato Onion, Torai or Kakdi, Mixed Fruot & more…

CHUTNEYS: Mint, Sweet & Sour, Coconut, Tomato Ketchup & more…

CHAAT & SALAD: Dahi Vadha, Tikki, Paneer Chaat, Chaat Salad & more..

MAIN-COURSE: Karhi, Malai Kofta, Chole, Bhaji, Mix Veg, Dal Makhani & more…

RICE: Veg Pulao, Biryani, Curd Rice, Tomato Onion Rice, Poha & much more…

Allow Anjali Sanghi to share with you a whole new world of flavor in raw food preparations.





What are wonderful people who have got this book before saying:



“Dear Anjali,

My god! I’m aw struck…just have no words for the patience, dedication and purity you showcase in everything you touch. Such a treasure this book is. So many magical recipes…so many variations. Really wonderful Anjali.

Truly a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing this.”

Deepa, Bangalore, 15-12-2017


“Indian Raw Recipes shows you how to combine fresh, wholesome ingredients to create mouth-watering delights, and so easy to prepare. With its attractive presentation, this book is sure to inspire your culinary spirit.

These joyful pages hold the simple key to help rejuvenate your body and mind with their nutritious, delicious, and natural recipes.”

Karen Ranzi, Award-Winning Author of Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, 24 June 2015


“Since long I was on look out for a good raw recipe book by some Indian author but in vain. Then I got to know of Anjali. I made and tasted most of the recipes given in the book. Those were so tasty and appealing to our Indian taste buds. Dips, red, white and green were simply awesome! Add them to your salad and you simply forget that you are not eating cooked. Some recipes are close substitutes of the cooked menu and are very good.  I wish Anjali all the very best in all her endeavours!”

Padmini Singla, IAS, MD, Delhi Tourism, 29-7-2016


“It was a wonderful experience for me and my daughter who’s  8 to attend the Indian raw recipe program with Anjali Sanghi. We had great fun in creating Indian dishes in this program. Especially Dahi Vadhas and tikkis. My daughter totally participated in the preparations of meals and even theory class. To being really hungry and then having delicious dahi-bhallas or whatever we made that day she would have her tummy full.

Not just that, she helped me to re make the same at home and served the family sharing how delicious these meals are and how easy they are.

I would wish for more children to have fun with natures bounty and make a start to healthier life, beautiful mind and body.

Thank you so much Anjali as my family really like to tray whatever I make every day in raw food. I wish and hope for a more joyous Planet. All the best and love”

Gunjan Kochhar, Yoga therapist and Healer, 2016


“I think the Biggest question with the word RAW  is ….

Is it filling ? Do you feel satiated , like you do after a cooked meal ?
And second is …. Will I get my nutrition ?

The answer was in the food itself. A big thumping YES

The recipes were doable , fun , satisfied the tongue ( which is important ) and the bonus was that you don’t feel sleepy after eating you feel energised . Another bonus is that most recipes  a save you time in the kitchen.”

Mathangi Jagdish, Ma. Ja. Playback Singer, Song Writer, Performer


The Indian Raw Recipes in the book are awesome and easy to make too. I am in fourth grade. Lemonade, Katori Chaat were easy to make at my fire-less cooking competition in school. I won the competition because of your delicious recipes. I would like to suggest that ‘Everyone’ should take the benefits of the book as I did. I will continue to make and have these recipes at home with my family and friends. Yours lovingly,   

Samriddhi Sogani, 9 years. Indore, 30-4-2018


DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes. Results may vary from person to person. This book is completely based on personal experiences and research. Author or anyone directly-indirectly related do not take any kind of guarantee or responsibility of your actions. Please read complete disclaimer HERE.

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