Steaming is universally known to be one of the best ways of cooking. It has been used since thousands of years everywhere in the world including India. Steaming has been considered the best way to retain most nutrients, colour, texture, taste of the original food.

On this website we present to you INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES which are:

  • Healthier
  • Digestion friendly
  • Simpler to prepare
  • Plant based
  • Oil free (optional)
  • Have delicious flavour with lesser spices
  • Option to make changes according to your own tastes and liking
  • Saves fuel
  • Environmentally empowering
  • Brings joy without compromising on taste
  • Suitable for all kids, adults and elderly

Making food as a steamed version ensures that you receive much more nutrition- without compromising on the taste. Enjoy a big serving of your all your beloved vegetables as a main dish.


 “Preparing your food through steaming ensures they will not get burnt if you are away. Once you have put the vegetables in the steamer and put enough water in the bottom section, you can be rest assured that the vegetables will get steamed very beautifully even while you are attending your child or the door or doing some other work in between. Steaming does not require constant stirring of vegetables. Stirring them once or twice is enough to ensure steaming happens evenly.”


Steamed food recipes require very few resources. Their cleaning and maintenance is also fast and easy. Basic requirements include:

Steel Steamer for Stove or Electric SteamerSteamer steel

Some drinking water

Chopping board

1-2 bowls/spoons to mix and serve


Vegetable peeler

Vegetables to steam

Herbs, spices and seeds as per the recipe

On this website specific steaming procedure is written with each recipe as steaming time and other process of making each recipe may be different from others. There could be some repetition also, but it should be useful for beginners.

Once you start making these recipes successfully you can start innovating many new recipes yourself. Enjoy these recipes with your family, kids & loved ones and spread joyful well being everywhere.


If you would like us to create a delicious yet healthier steamed/boiled version of any of your faviourite recipes then just leave a message and we will definitely attempt it soon.


DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes. Results may vary from person to person. This book is completely based on personal experiences and research. Author or anyone directly-indirectly related do not take any kind of guarantee or responsibility of your actions. Please read complete disclaimer HERE.

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