Rajeev Nirnayak, New Delhi

"You are awesome, really grateful to meet you. Your raw food dishes are really mind blowing as well as tasty. Never thought they would be so yumm. I am not just filled with the stomach but also with some more extra positive energy doze. Your energy, your way of explaination, your smile and your humbleness has left me with no words. Learned so much from you. Learning can never endup- realized one more time. Thankyou or meeting."



“Recipes were good, tasty and stomach filling. Thankyou Anjali for giving me such a beautiful treat. This is one of the best meal that I ever had…Thankyou”


Ambika Rana, 28/5/16, New Delhi

"Dear Anjali, It was great learning opportunity to be with you and attend your workshop. I feel grateful to God for bringing me here. Today I have realized how food is so important in our lives. And how can we make it simple and healthy. I am a changed person now I feel. You are a lovely teacher and very inspiring and I hope and wish to learn a lot more from you in future. Lots of love and gratitude."



"Today’s dishes were tasty and easy to make…All I liked much…It was very helpful class, Thanks a lot."


Remya, Parent, Bangalore

“I thank you for the conviction and peace you radiate and stand as a living example of believing in something and making it work.”


Priya 27/9/2016

"Today's recipe workshop was very informative. The use of different vegetables was colourful with good variety and good taste... Thank you"


Gunjan Amrit Kochhar, 23rd Nov 2015, New Delhi

"You are such a wonderful gift, so gentle and embracing that this workshop/tips and information were food to my soul. I’m surely taking this forward to adding this to my life. This is just the beginning! Much love and gratitude."

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