Dear Anjali,

My god! I’m aw struck…just have no words for the patience, dedication and purity you showcase in everything you touch. Such a treasure this book is. So many magical recipes…so many variations. Really wonderful Anjali.

Truly a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Deepa, Bangalore, 15-12-2017

Indian Raw Recipes shows you how to combine fresh, wholesome ingredients to create mouth-watering delights, and so easy to prepare. With its attractive presentation, this book is sure to inspire your culinary spirit.

These joyful pages hold the simple key to help rejuvenate your body and mind with their nutritious, delicious, and natural recipes.


Karen Ranzi, Award-Winning Author of Creating Healthy Children and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families, 24-6-2015

“Since long I was on look out for a good raw recipe book by some Indian author but in vain. Then I got to know of Anjali. I made and tasted most of the recipes given in the book. Those were so tasty and appealing to our Indian taste buds. Dips, red, white and green were simply awesome! Add them to your salad and you simply forget that you are not eating cooked. Some recipes are close substitutes of the cooked menu and are very good.  I wish Anjali all the very best in all her endeavours!”

Padmini Singla, IAS, MD, Delhi Tourism, 29-7-2016

Anjali presents a new book called Indian Raw Recipes. In this book Anjali has created awesome (rather “rawsome”) drinks and sweets which I am very sure will help many Indian moms and dads. The delights are attractive, simple, easy and quick to make.  What more could one want in this fast world! Congratulations Anjali! You have laid a foundation for a healthy India and the world in your book.

Anandi Vaithialingam, Founder: Satchitanand Raw Vegan Resturant, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Recipe books are awesome.I purchased your 2 books- Steamed Recipes n Raw Recipes few days back. They are more than excellent.

Dr. K. K. Goel, M.D. 30 Nov 2017

The Indian Raw Recipes in the book are awesome and easy to make too. I am in fourth grade. Lemonade, Katori Chaat were easy to make at my fire-less cooking competition in school. I won the competition because of your delicious recipes. I would like to suggest that ‘Everyone’ should take the benefits of the book as I did. I will continue to make and have these recipes at home with my family and friends. Yours lovingly,

Samriddhi Sogani, 9 years. Indore, 30-4-2018

Rajeev Nirnayak, Nutritionist, New Delhi

"You are awesome, really grateful to meet you. Your raw food dishes are really mind blowing as well as tasty. Never thought they would be so yumm. I am not just filled with the stomach but also with some more extra positive energy doze. Your energy, your way of explaination, your smile and your humbleness has left me with no words. Learned so much from you. Learning can never endup- realized one more time. Thankyou or meeting."



“Recipes were good, tasty and stomach filling. Thankyou Anjali for giving me such a beautiful treat. This is one of the best meal that I ever had…Thankyou”


Ambika Rana, 28/5/16, New Delhi

"Dear Anjali, It was great learning opportunity to be with you and attend your workshop. I feel grateful to God for bringing me here. Today I have realized how food is so important in our lives. And how can we make it simple and healthy. I am a changed person now I feel. You are a lovely teacher and very inspiring and I hope and wish to learn a lot more from you in future. Lots of love and gratitude."



"Today’s dishes were tasty and easy to make…All I liked much…It was very helpful class, Thanks a lot."


Remya, Parent, Bangalore

“I thank you for the conviction and peace you radiate and stand as a living example of believing in something and making it work.”


Priya 27/9/2016

"Today's recipe workshop was very informative. The use of different vegetables was colourful with good variety and good taste... Thank you"


Gunjan Amrit Kochhar, 23rd Nov 2015, New Delhi

"You are such a wonderful gift, so gentle and embracing that this workshop/tips and information were food to my soul. I’m surely taking this forward to adding this to my life. This is just the beginning! Much love and gratitude."

INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES: A complete Guide to Healthy Cooking which has our Indian flavours.

Since I was on a lookout for a healthy cookbook which could match my taste buds. Here I found Anjali’s book on steamed, plant-based recipes which has all the details which are needed for healthy and oil free dishes. There are various suggestions in the book which guided me through healthy cooking hassel free. This book explains very well why steaming is important and how it is to be done. This is one book you need to add in your kitchen the way I have done and reap benefits. The section that has cooking guide is a favourite of mine because it has all types of food which are covered. The book teaches about process of steaming the food and learning the right way. I am so happy that I found this book. I thank Anjali for this.” 


Sonia Kalgutkar, 2017

It’s really so hard for mothers to make kids opt for healthy foods especially when they are surrounded with Junk food eaters. When kids are given tasty foods that are healthy, they surely demand for it. This Indian Steamed Recipes ebook includes such tasty recipes that can replace junk food and opt for healthy food. It’s so good for kids and also adults. Thank you Anjali for this ebook.

Pavithra Ram, 7 Feb 2018

“Anjali Sanghi’s books on- ‘Indian Raw Recipes’  and ‘Indian Steamed Recipes’ are a wealth of information on how to enjoy food in it’s simplest state and to enjoy one’s health to the full extent.
The recipes are very easy , nutritious and can be made at home. The equipments mentioned in the books are all affordable.
The books have a wide range of variety from snacks,meals,deserts,dips and drinks. The most important thing to note is that recipes are allergen free and processed sugar free. I will highly recommend these books as they are suited to our Indian style and easy to adapt in our eating routine.”

Deepti Sachdeva Jethwani, Bangalore, 26 July 2018

“Steaming of vegetables is an unbelievable way of preserving the nutrients given by nature to each vegetable. While changing the Indian cooking style from heating, frying in the oil to just steaming the vegetable, we have realized that it gives inherent fullness, brightness, freshness, flavour, texture, sweetness, and also gives a refreshing feeling.

Like a steam bath opens up all the pores and gives a refreshing feeling, by relaxing the nerves, de-toxifying the body and relieving the stress because of the release of endorphin- a feel good chemical. Having Indian steamed vegetable recipes also makes us feel the same.

We made two portions of the same vegetable lot. One lot was cooked and another portion was steamed. This experiment threw up an incredible difference. The steamed vegetable was full of freshness compared to other methods of cooking.

At home, we all have switched majorly to these steamed and boiled recipes, thanks to Anjali Sanghi’s simple, yet incredible innovations in her book, ‘INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES.”

Ashok Kumar, Businessman, 28 August 2018


I have been making ‘Indian Steamed and Boiled Recipes’ since one year. It’s a breakthrough way of making your daily food more nourishing, yet delightful. You will love the freshness, colours and flavours of these recipes. The best part is that you can do pre-preparations and make the vegetables ready in few minutes just before serving.

My old Grand Mother likes to have tasty Indian food of her choice, but gives us little time to prepare it. She likes home cooked food, so earlier it used to be difficult for us to meet her requests. But, now thanks to these recipes we can instantly put vegetables of choice to steam. There is no need to look much after them in between. Till then, we prepare the side dish of Indian roti and paratha. And in a few minutes, tempering of the vegetables is also done. She loves the food and all her complains are gone.

I thank Anjali Sanghi for this innovation. It will help many families everywhere.”

Meena, Nurse, 26 August 2018

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