“Dear Anjali,  My god! I’m aw struck…just have no words for the patience, dedication and purity you showcase in everything you touch. Such a treasure this book is. So many magical recipes…so many variations. Really wonderful Anjali.

Truly a blessing. Thanks so much for sharing this.”

Deepa, Parent

Recipe books are awesome.I purchased your 2 books- Steamed Recipes n Raw Recipes few days back. They are more than excellent.

Dr. K. K. Goel, M.D. 30 Nov 2017


INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES: A complete Guide to Healthy Cooking which has our Indian flavours.

Since I was on a lookout for a healthy cookbook which could match my taste buds. Here I found Anjali’s book on steamed, plant-based recipes which has all the details which are needed for healthy and oil free dishes. There are various suggestions in the book which guided me through healthy cooking hassel free. This book explains very well why steaming is important and how it is to be done. This is one book you need to add in your kitchen the way I have done and reap benefits. The section that has cooking guide is a favourite of mine because it has all types of food which are covered. The book teaches about process of steaming the food and learning the right way. I am so happy that I found this book. I thank Anjali for this.” 

Sonia Kalgutkar, Homemaker

“Steaming of vegetables is an unbelievable way of preserving the nutrients given by nature to each vegetable. While changing the Indian cooking style from heating, frying in the oil to just steaming the vegetable, we have realized that it gives inherent fullness, brightness, freshness, flavour, texture, sweetness, and also gives a refreshing feeling.

Like a steam bath opens up all the pores and gives a refreshing feeling, by relaxing the nerves, de-toxifying the body and relieving the stress because of the release of endorphin- a feel good chemical. Having Indian steamed vegetable recipes also makes us feel the same.

We made two portions of the same vegetable lot. One lot was cooked and another portion was steamed. This experiment threw up an incredible difference. The steamed vegetable was full of freshness compared to other methods of cooking.

At home, we all have switched majorly to these steamed and boiled recipes, thanks to Anjali Sanghi’s simple, yet incredible innovations in her book, ‘INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES.”

Ashok Kumar, Businessman



Namaste… We love to create and share about easy methods of detox, and also highly nourishing versions of the most loved Indian and International Recipes. They are easy to create and their flavours will amaze you. They can be made a part of every lifestyle. Enjoy them daily with your loved ones… and do keep sharing your delightful experiences with us…

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