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Therapeutic RV_30 April 2016

Everyone wishes to detox well with the help of Fruits, Vegetables and Greens.

Learn how we did that and also how you can do it as per your individual needs and tastes, enjoying every bit of your relief and healing from unwanted:






Weight issues,

Food sensitivities, addictions and cravings

– in a safe, scientific yet balanced way.


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Anjali Sanghi

Anjali has studied and practiced Therapeutic Nutrition as a part of her PGD in Holistic Healthcare from ‘Apollo Hospitals Education and Research Foundation’ in 2005. Anjali is an author and speaker for ‘Raw Vegan Foods, Lifestyle, Education and Parenting.’ She is also the President and Founder Trustee of ‘Indian Raw Vegan Foundation‘. She is highly educated and experienced in several fields of Holistic Healthcare. Since 2003 she has helped several families in India and around the world to experience abundant well being through the route of nature. Anjali has herself chosen 100% Raw Vegan Lifestyle since 2012.

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Disclaimer: This programme is not a substitute for medical advise whether directly or in-directly. However it does not have any side affect what so ever, other than few symptoms of mild detox observed by some people. It is safe for you to do and does not require you to leave your present medication in any way. When you are feeling better, your dose should be reduced or removed under the guidance of your own medical or related doctor.

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