Therapeutic Raw Vegan Nutrition & Lifestyle

(Learn and Empower yourself for life to- Heal yourself deeply from roots while ensuring further progress)

Saturday, 17th September 2016, 10:30 am – 5.30 pm

Inderpuri, New Delhi-110012, INDIA

Eligibility: Sincerity towards your well being and progress.

Age: 12 years and above

Address your following questions and much more:
What is the root cause of disease?
What lifestyle practices can I add to my present life as per my age, needs and condition?
How can I heal myself with raw vegan foods?
Will I get all the nutrition my body needs?
Is it safe for everyone?
What all can I eat as per my needs and tastes?
What if only some raw foods suit me?
Can it help me heal any disease or disorder?
How can I add more fresh raw food into my or my family’s present lifestyle?
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EARLY BIRD DATE: 15 Sept 2016

New Participant: Rs. 2,500/-

Repeat Participant: Rs. 500/- (Contact us to know your eligibility)

(Early Bird is subject to availability of seats, so please register now, immediately)
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Bank Details (if required): ANJALI SANGHI, Savings Account No. 10211434560, State Bank of India, Inderpuri Branch, New Delhi-110012, INDIARTGS/NEFT IFSC: SBIN0002358
NOTE: After paying the contribution please contact us with Your Name, City, Phone Number, Payment details to receive the complete address and registration form.

(The contribution includes notes, raw vegan nutrition charts, creation and tasting of delicious raw vegan dishes during the program.)

On the Spot Contribution: If  joining on 17 Sept 2016 directly then please make contribution of  Rs, 4,500/- per person by cash or bank transfer.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation before the early bird attracts full refund towards another program. Cancellation after early bird attracts 75% refund within one year of the event date.
Anjali Sanghi
Presenters: Anjali Sanghi.
Let Anjali Sanghi Founder Trustee of Indian Raw Vegan Foundation help you to understand how you can easily go on to a raw vegan lifestyle and heal yourself of diseases, pains, imbalances,  depression, obesity etc. Learn how to deal with Mal nutrition, food addictions & cravings.  Also learn Food combining for excellent digestion. Click Here to know more about Anjali’s educational Background.
10.30am: Registration complete, distribution of book and introduction
10.40am-12.30noon: Therapeutic Raw Vegan Lifestyle
Therapeutic Meditation
Su-Jok Acupressure for detox
Therapeutic Exercise
Therapeutic Art & Singing.
Simple practices for easy physical, emotional, mental, spiritual detox12.30 noon to 1.30pm: Preparation of recipes1.30pm to 3pm:What are raw foodsNutrition in Raw FoodsClearing Raw food mythsHow to identify which raw food and cooked food suit youFinding foods sensitive, intolerant and allergic to you

Food Combination and Sequencing

Creating recipes from your locally available, seasonal ingredients

Other related topics including tests, cravings, introduction to family…

Dental Hygiene

3pm to 5pm:

Meal planning as per individual needs and tastes
Lifestyle practices at a glance for  Long Term Raw Vegans
Question and answers
CLICK HERE to write to Anjali Sanghi directly.
Call: 9159870486 if you require to know more (4pm to 6pm IST)


Disclaimer: This program is not a substitute for medical advise directly or indirectly. If you think your condition needs medical help or supervision then kindly contact an experienced medical practitioner.

All the content of this program is completely natural with no side effects what so ever. other than few occasional harmless detox symptoms observed by some people. Please remember that you are solely responsible for all your choices and actions…

Anjali Sanghi reserves complete right to accept or reject the participation of the participant based on behavior and other criteria.  In-case your application is not accepted this time, all your contribution will be returned within next 15 working days of the program dates.

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