Rainbow Detox- fruits

THE DELICIOUS RAINBOW DETOX- This coming Shardiya Navratri

Navratri are the best known time both spiritually and scientifically to undergo a detox.

We present to you the most empowering, yet happy way to ‘DETOX YOUR BODY’ during the upcoming Navratri festival.

WHEN: 21-29 SEPT 2017 (You can do all or selected days)

The rainbow detox allows you to:

  • Detox in a delicious way
  • Do it at the comfort of your own home
  • Eat abundantly
  • Do it at your own pace
  • Receive goodness of rainbow nutrition within you
  • Do it with locally available fresh ingredients
  • Meal plans which can be made flexible as per your needs
  • Recipes
  • Learn the basics or raw food nutrition, clear myths.
  • Learn how to choose, buy, store produce.
  • Learn Food combining and sequencing for best digestion.
  • Learn from true experiences
  • Ways to overcome detox symptoms easily.
  • Other lifestyle practices which are equally important as food.

If you are new then you can also join this just to learn &/or you can do this partially also.   

The detox is based on fresh raw foods which are allergen free yet delicious.


As an added bonus (observing your great interest in the well-being of yourself and your family)- we are happy to share with you a

FREE EMPOWERING EBOOK on THE DELICIOUS RAINBOW DETOX, especially written for this event- which will include lots of added resources, information, recipes with Indian tastes and flavours, ideas to introduce healthy food and lifestyle, charts, worksheets and more…


Also get online community support in a dedicated facebook group only for participants

Moreover there will be live group interactions with the facilitator- Anjali Sanghi where you can ask all your questions.

If you need any additional support, then you can opt for an completely individual 45-60 minutes session with Anjali.

If you are also among people who love to do a detox but can’t travel to other detox programs due to reasons of time, finances or responsibility- THE DELICIOUS RAINBOW DETOX can empower you for life, and that too at a very less contribution.




EVEN IF YOU MISSED the early registration, you can still join TUES, 26 SEPT 2017: Earlier contribution was 1203/-then 1803/-


OR YOU CAN COPY PASTE THIS LINK: https://www.instamojo.com/AnjaliSanghi/ebook-the-delicious-rainbow-detox/


Contribution can be made securely by all cards, wallets, online transfer and other means.

(Early registration helps you register at lesser contribution. It gives you time to set up time and resources easily, arrange produce and take time to transition at your own pace. Resources and ebook will be emailed on evening of 15 September 2017)



Anjali Sanghi has brought out the ‘THE DELICIOUS RAINBOW DETOX’ from her years of successful experiences with fresh raw foods. When she had herself started looking for positive ways of doing a natural fruit based detox, years ago, she found lots of methods which promised a lot, but did not address the real issues which a person in India would face when they began or continued.

She also observed that when people felt un-well, most of them shared that they automatically switched to eating more fruits to feel light and rejuvenated, but could not sustain it due to myths and un-availability of well compiled information.

With guidance, study and inner reflection Anjali finally put together simple yet delicious ways- of doing a detox, successfully at home. These ways are empowering for all as they can be easily adapted to different individual needs of different people.

Through THE DELICIOUS RAINBOW DETOX Anjali humbly aims to empower people from all walks of life who believe in the power of fruit based detox, which has been a traditional heritage of ancient India. She combines her true experiences of working with innumerable people and turns them into a very easy doable ways of transition and detox, which everyone can do successfully-  at their own pace, at their own home.

She also shares ways how to make the experience of detox a very pleasant one, both physically and at all other levels.

Anjali is also an Author and the President of Indian Raw Vegan Foundation.
Anjali, as a normal person, has become the medium of innovating several wonderful creations including allergen free, un-cooked, gourmet:

Indian Raw Vegan Delicacies: Drinks, Chaat, Main-course & Sweets, which she shares through her Raw Vegan Recipe Books. Anjali’s self illustrated story book: titled ‘Little Monkey’s Birthday’ is loved by kids of all ages- worldwide.

Steamed Indian Vegan Recipes are also very delicious and nutritious creations by Anjali which are loved by all.


CLICK HERE for Anjali’s experience and educational background

CLICK HERE to write to us if you have any questions

CLICK HERE to shop for our recipe books

Important Disclaimer: This detox is completely natural with no side effects what so ever. Few occasional, harmless detox symptoms are reported by participants, but very rarely. Results may vary from person to person.

This detox is not being conducted for disease reversal. It is not a substitute to medical advise directly or indirectly.

The detox should only be done by adults with their own consent. No one should be forced to do it without their will. This detox is not suitable for kids, pregnant mothers, aged, people with severe medical or similar conditions, people with severe digestive issues or with inability to digest fruits properly.

The detox is universally open to all to register and participate, but the facilitator reserves strict rights to refuse participation of any person or group of people based on their behavior or code of conduct.

Few free seats are always offered to deserving participants under Indian Raw Vegan Foundation- for all the programs organized by Anjali Sanghi. In case you really want to attend and have a genuine financial reason, then you can apply for the same. Incase you do not receive a reply in two working days then you can write to us again.

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