Steamed Recipes

Steaming is universally known to be one of the best ways of cooking. It has been used since thousands of years everywhere in the world including India. Steaming has been considered the best way to retain most nutrients, colour, texture, taste of the original food. Enjoy these recipes with your family, kids & loved ones and spread joyful well being everywhere

Here we present to you our INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES which are:

  • Allergen free
  • Healthier
  • Digestion friendly
  • Simpler to prepare
  • Plant based
  • Oil free (optional)
  • Have delicious flavour with lesser spices
  • Option to make changes according to your own tastes and liking
  • Saves fuel
  • Environmentally empowering
  • Brings joy without compromising on taste
  • Suitable for all kids, adults and elderly



Aloo Methi- Potato Fenugreek                                 Bhindi ki Sabzi (Ladyfinger/Okra)

2017 Steamed Aloo methi     2017 Steamed Bhindi

Gajar-Matar (Carrot Peas)                                       Pattagobhi-Aloo (Purple Cabbage-Potatoes)



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Anjali Sanghi has brought out the new book ‘INDIAN STEAMED RECIPES’ from long-term successful experiences of innovating food into creative recipes. When she had herself started looking for vegetable based steamed recipes, she found them very rarely.

It is widely known that steamed vegetables are the easiest to digest, most nourishing amongst cooked foods. Many people automatically switch to steamed or boiled food when they want to eat lighter, have better digestive health or want to recover faster.

But the question was, how to make these recipes more delicious, and appealing to all, so that everyone could enjoy them in day to day life. It will not be an exaggeration, if Anjali was to tell you that all these Indian Steamed Recipes that you find in this book were actually- answers to her prayers. So when she started making them, she humbly started sharing them online. The response she got was very encouraging and people started asking her if she had written a recipe book which they could refer to. She got to know that from kids to elderly, everyone loved them.  Slowly she started collecting all the recipes and converted them into a self-published book to share with one and all.

All these recipes have just the right ingredients which ensure that you get the maximum nutrition which cooking can offer, and also benefit from the healing properties of Indian herbs, spices and seeds at a day to day level. Each recipe is un-expectedly delicious for a steamed or boiled version. Since vegetables do not lose their colour or texture during steaming, they look and taste delicious. The flavours of herbs and spices also stand out to appeal deliciously to your taste buds.

These recipes also provide you with different options of adding raw spices, or oil free tempering and/or tempering with minimum oil so that you can create your own versions as per the taste requirements of those you love.

Whether it is Bharwa Bhindi, Bhaji, Stuffed Capsicum, or Saag, enjoy these heart healthy ~ digestion friendly ~ colourful ~ Steamed Indian Recipes and bring delightful health to everyone around you.

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